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The office of the Deputy Principal is charged with, among others, monitoring curriculum implementation and ensuring maintenance of discipline by the trainees in the institute. The office ensures all professional records a lecturer is expected to keep for efficient delivery of the curriculum are maintained. These include schemes of work, lesson plans and records of work covered. It also ensures that class timetables are prepared in good time and attendance of classes by both students and lecturers is as it should be.

ISO 9001:2008 Standard Certification has put the systems in place making curriculum implementation processes more effective and efficient. The institute has qualified and committed staff. This has ensured that academic performance in the Institute is on an upward trend. I wish to take this chance to commend the staff for their commitment in curriculum implementation as well as in other Institute activities.

The institute is reputed for producing all round graduates who assimilate well in the society, be given our graduates to employ, especially in Secretarial and Hospitality areas. This we attribute to the all-round training we give to our students. Discipline is the key to success and the Deputy Principal’s office makes sure it is maintained at the highest level possible in the institute’s rules and regulations which they attest to upon admission to the institute. The discipline is enforced by a disciplinary committee.

Jacqueline Bisset had once remarked: A model of conduct, a fortitude and integrity can do a great deal, to make a woman look beautiful, and I add, a man look handsome.

Discipline is a major personality trait of all great achievers, who have rigorous planning of short-team and long-team goals, and lead a disciplined lifestyle. A disciplined person is always respected and revered by all and sundry. It is discipline only which makes one regular and punctual. When a student is disciplined she/he is on a sure path to academic excellence. Discipline and success always go hand in hand. May I take this opportunity to encourage students to continue working hand and to remain disciplined in order to excel in their training and future careers.