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Cloud Africa LTD is a world leading global specialist in: Computer sales and Supply, Cloud and web hosting, Web design and Development, computer networking,Internet Connectivity, custom software development, CCTV installations, Vehicle and asset tracking and ICT consultancy.

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Lenovo Mini

Intel Celeron 2GB RAM 500GB HDD, Webcam, Wifi, Bluetooth.

Hp Elite-book 8460

Intel corei5 4GB RAM 500GB HDD. With Webcam, WIFI, Bluetooth, DVD Writer

Hp Revolve 810

Intel corei5 4GB RAM 128GB SSD. With Webcam, WIFI, Bluetooth,

HP UltraBOOk 840

Intel corei5 4GB RAM 500GB HDD. With Webcam, WIFI, Bluetooth, Nvidia Gforce graphics


The office of the registrar handles admissions and oversees the administration of internal and external examinations. We are on an upward trend as far as student enrolment is concerned and this has been realized through rigorous marketing of the institution. Every year, we have three main intakes i.e. January, May and July. In January and May, we admit students who are examined by Kenya National Examinational Council, mainly at Diploma, Certificate and Artisan levels. KASNEB students are admitted in January and July. The Diploma students are required to have a minimum qualification of C- (minus); Certificate students require a minimum qualification if D (plain) while Artisan requires minimum qualification of D- (minus). The KASNEB students are admitted at two levels i.e. ATC and CPA.

The ATC students require minimum qualification of D+ (plus) while the CPA requires a minimum qualification of C+ (plus) with C+ in Mathematics and English or a pass in ATC level 2. Every year, we graduate students in various courses most of whom are quickly absorbed in the job market. Those who start a lower level upgrade themselves once they complete the lower levels. On examinations, we present candidates to KNEC and KASNEB national examination bodies mainly in June, July and November every year, ensuring that all the examination registration processes are duly met. Our students have been doing relatively well and for the graduating classes who are for the years, 2011 and 2012, we were able to acquire an Institutional average pass of 72.6% and 77.6%, respectively for all National examinations taken within the two years.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Best wishes For Bright Future. Application for our May intake is in Progress. Interested prospective students are invited to apply and on our part we committed to unlock doors of imagination, allow vision and give the right stuff to turn dreams into reality. Our institutions’ lines are always open for calls all working days from 8 00 am to 5 00 pm in case of any inquiries.









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